How Does a 3D Pen Work?

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After much of banging your head here and there – you might finally be wondering how in the world does a 3D pen work? Well, one thing that you can be certain of is that here you’re going to leave with a good idea of the working of a 3D pen.

If you are familiar with the working of 3D printers, the concept of 3D pens will be already clear to you. The best 3D pens are like a demo version of 3D printers, if you take out the precision and endurance part (they are automatic and computer-operated, while the pens are operated by the creative freedom of your mind and how well it dictates the fingers).

There are two parts to understanding the working of 3D pens.

The first part is the ABS filament entry. ABS is a polymer material that is used in making many kinds of plastic objects. ABS is a strong plastic material that has been used for decades in manufacturing a lot of stuff. It is fed through a filament into the 3D pen. You can switch between multiple colors of ABS filaments, giving more detail or beauty to your creation or design. This filament, upon usage, is heated using electric mechanisms inside the pen. The molten ABS is pushed out of the nib of your 3D pen.

The second part is the cooling. The ABS is quickly cooled so that it stays in the shape it was pushed out in. If you try to break it, of course it will break, but the instant cooling makes sure the figure doesn’t get disfigured.

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